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Computer Repairs

Oz It Support is a trusted local computer repair experts in Hurstville, and we have been servicing the local community since 2002. We Can repair MAC/Apple, PC, laptop of all brands and models at your office or your home to meet your specific needs.

Computers are just like vehicles & need tune-up or repairs. If your computer system seems unusually slow, you cannot turn it on or shows a blue screen with error code, then shut down; please call us. We will be able to troubleshoot & identify the cause of your problems, may it be hardware or software issues. We can resolve software issues & source the right hardware parts ordering and replace it.

We understand the problem with computers can happen any time and often occur at the most inappropriate of times. Don’t be frustrated, Oz It Support is here to help. We offer same-day service on weekdays, weekends & evenings; and we GUARANTEE to find a solution for your computer problem or your DON’T PAY – that is our guarantee!

Onsite Computer Services

New device supply, setup

Computers aren’t one size fits all. It can be cheaper and more efficient to build a computer that is suitable for your needs. A computer for office work is different from a gaming computer. We will listen, suggest & tailor build a computer system that meet your needs now and the future. We then set it up on-site at your office or home, where you want it & how you want it.

Computer Tune up

Slow computer is extremely frustrating when you are trying to work, finish an assignment or play a game. Other IT support might sugget to restart your computer, that often doesn’t work or not enough to ensure it never happens again. Call us, there are ways that we can speed up your computer, instead of investing in a new one.

The same-day computer service expert - onsite repairs & services

Malware & Virus Removal

Almost nothing is more damaging to your IT infrastructure and computer operations than malware & viruses. In the unfortunate situation, malware & virus invaded your computer system, and you may have to format your computers; this can affect the productivity & bottom line. It is crucial to call the supportive team at Oz IT support, we can calmly & quickly react while limiting the damage, educate you on how to prevent reinfection.

Computer cloning / computer ghosting

Computer system cloning or ghosting – the fast and best way to migrate “operating system, drivers, software, patches & setup configurations” form an old computer to a new computer or replicating the same setup on a computer to other computers.

Your computer is outdated, and you are thinking of investing in a new computer. Download, reinstall all of the software, reconfigure your local network, backup system, security & printers is time-consuming and costs a fortune. Computer cloning is the best solution for you.

Oz It Support can clone your old computer & redeploy it on a new device with different computer hardware configurations, including all operating software (including Microsoft Windows 10).

Clone to set up multi machines with the exact same settings.

The new computer(s) will have EVERYTHING as identical to the other (old) computer. Icons & files will be exactly as it was on the other (old) computer. So you can get back to work without delays.

Software Repair / Upgrade

Are you facing issues with a specific piece of software installed on your computer? Do you need help download/installing new software on your computer? Or do you need a hand on operating a piece of new software & get the most out of it? We are here to help.

If your software doesn’t open, open with an error message; it might be a sign of corrupted software program & needs reconfigure or reinstalled for it to work correctly again. Oz It Support can lean a helping hand.

Our software repair upgrade services include:

Operating system & software installation / restore / reset
Virus, spyware, adware removal, ransomware prevention
Data backup & data recovery
Computer cloning services
Email program configuration. Outlook, Microsoft 365, G Suit, Gmail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, MAC mail.
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