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The internet has become a part of everyday life, and we use the internet in almost everything we do. At work, we use the internet for communication,  emailing, ordering, banking & accounting; at home, we rely on the internet for studying, sharing on social media, chatting, shop online and much more.

Internet set up & local wireless network

With the importance of the internet in mind, it is not always easy to set up the internet & WiFi network correctly. Computer networking is complicated – whether it’s configure WiFi networking & security, firewall, getting better WiFi coverage or just general network troubleshooting at work or home.

Oz IT Support is familiar with all telco’s NBN equipment and can help you set up the internet connection as well as the local wireless network for you. So you can share files, photos and printers on the local network.

Computer & Network Security

As we go digital, do banking online as well as storing all of the personal information on computers, there’s nothing more important than the security of your personal information. We can help you lock-down your digital financial records, photos, videos, emails & other private data & prevent unauthorised access.

Set up a unique network name, so that you can quickly identify WiFi network
Enabling the highest level of encryption & security key on your WiFi network, protect personal info from online theft and unauthorised access to your internet
Enable network shared printers, printing from smartphones & tablets (optional)
Wireless 3G/4G

3G and 4G broadband is an effective alternative when NBN or ADSL2 internet connection is not available in your area or when you experience internet downturns. We can help you set up temporary 3G / 4G dongle connect your network printer and other network devices on the 3G and 4G internet so that you can get on with your day and stay connected.

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